DPRK Art Troupe’s Visit to and Performance in China Serve as a Bridge for Cultural Exchanges
 ( 2019.01.27 )

On the occasion of the upcoming Spring Festival, an art troupe from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) visited and performed in China, bringing an audio-visual feast for the Chinese audience and serving as a bridge for cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Consisting of nearly 300 members from groups including the State Merited Chorus, the DPRK art troupe performed at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing from January 26th.

The music was melodious and dances were graceful. In addition to the songs and dances with distinctive DPRK national features, as well as performances played on kayagum and orchestral instruments, the DPRK artists also specifically sang more than 10 well-known Chinese classic songs.

In the past year, the cultural exchanges between China and the DPRK have become increasingly closer. In April 2018, a Chinese art troupe visited the DPRK to participate in the 31st April Spring International Friendship Art Festival. The art troupe performed ballets "The Red Detachment of Women" and "Giselle" for the DPRK audience, which was widely and warmly welcomed. In November 2018, Chinese and DPRK literary and art workers held two joint performances in Pyongyang.

Friendship between the peoples holds the key to sound state-to-state relations. The visit and performance will greatly promote exchanges and mutual learning in the cultural field between China and the DPRK, boost the friendly feelings between the two peoples, and consolidate bilateral traditional friendship.