Xu Lyuping Meets with the 3rd Leading Cadres Study Group of Vietnamese Political Parties and Governments from 2016-2020
 ( 2017.09.11 )

Beijing, September 11th—Xu Lyuping, Vice-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met here today with the 3rd leading cadres study group of Vietnamese political parties and government from 2016-2020 led by Nguyen Van Phar, Deputy Director-General of the Party Affair and Mass Work Department of the General Political Department of People’s Public Security under the Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam.

Xu expressed that China and Viet Nam enjoy a lips-and-teeth relationship, sharing weal and woe. China stands ready to, together with Viet Nam, adhere to and carry forward the spirit of China-Viet Nam traditional friendship and enhance study and exchanges between leading cadres of the two parties as well as mutual learning of experience on state governance and administration, so as to play a positive role in the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations.

Nguyen Van Phar thanked the CPC for making meticulous arrangement for the study group. It is believed that the visit will further deepen the comprehension of the leading cadres of the Vietnamese political parties and governments on the relations between the two parties and two countries and enhance their understanding of CPC’s experience in party building work. The study group wished the 19th CPC National Congress a complete success.