Wang Yajun Meets with Sudanese NCP Cadre Study Group
 ( 2017.03.16 )

Beijing, March 16th--Wang Yajun, Assistant-minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee met here today with the cadre study group of National Congress Party (NCP) of Sudan headed by Elsimaih Elsiddig Elsimaih, Secretary for the Eastern Affairs of NCP.

Speaking positively of China-Sudan relations, Wang expressed that the CPC is willing to, together with the NPC, deepen cooperation in various fields and enhance communication and mutual learning on experience of party governance and state administration, so as to promote the development of bilateral strategic partnership.

Elsimaih said that the NCP treasures the solid relations with the CPC, and stands ready to further strengthen friendly exchanges between the two parties, in a bid to boost the development of the relationship between the two countries.

Both sides also attended the seminar on cooperation achievements and exchanges of experience in cadre training of both parties.