Xi calls for greater reform efforts(2017.03.24)
CPC holds consultative meeting on senior political advisor election(2017.03.13)
Xi stresses stability, progress in China's economic work(2017.02.28)
Xi stresses precision in battle against poverty(2017.02.22)
CPC meeting discusses draft government work report(2017.02.21)
China to improve government service in townships(2017.02.20)
Xi calls for overall national security outlook(2017.02.17)
Xi orders leading officials to fight special privilege(2017.02.13)
China to complete drawing ecological "red line" by 2020(2017.02.07)
China to improve permanent residence permit system for foreigners(2017.02.06)
China to deepen reform in agricultural sector(2017.02.05)
Xi's Lunar New Year speech inspires nation(2017.01.27)
China issues guideline encouraging college grads to work in grassroots(2017.01.24)
China steps up farmland protection as grain output falls(2017.01.23)
Xi bids New Year greetings to non-Communist parties, people without party affiliation(2017.01.22)
Xi calls for improved supply-side structural reform(2017.01.22)
Xi to head central commission for integrated military, civilian development(2017.01.22)
Liu Yunshan urges greater cultural, ideological progress(2017.01.20)
China briefs foreign envoys on anti-graft work(2017.01.19)
CPC stresses loyalty, professionalism of judicial, law enforcement staff(2017.01.18)
Yu Zhengsheng urges united front work to better serve development(2017.01.16)
CPC issues regulation on democratic life meetings(2017.01.12)
Xi urges judicial, law enforcement organs to better deal with risks, challenges(2017.01.12)
China seeks better gov't resource allocation(2017.01.11)
CPC Central Committee's leadership stressed at meeting(2017.01.10)
China seeks better mechanism to prevent, manage natural disasters(2017.01.10)
Two scientists share China's top science award(2017.01.09)
China to reform profession rank evaluation system(2017.01.08)
China's top anti-graft body to keep high pressure on corruption(2017.01.08)
President Xi urges solid implementation of reforms in 2017(2017.12.30)
China unveils guideline for rural asset share-holding reform(2016.12.29)
Top leadership to maintain fight against corruption(2016.12.28)
China's Xi stresses importance of democratic centralism to top leadership(2016.12.27)
Xi says people first in seeking economic growth(2016.12.21)
China to improve farmers' income, agricultural product quality(2016.12.20)
China issues guideline to improve work safety(2016.12.18)
China pledges stability, reform in 2017 as key economic meeting ends(2016.12.16)
China issues regulation to advance rule of law(2016.12.14)
China holds 3rd national memorial day for war victims(2016.12.13)
Xi stresses integrating law, virtue in state governance(2016.12.10)
President Xi confident of achieving economic targets for 2016(2016.12.09)
China commemorates 100th anniversary of late Chinese leader Wan Li's birth(2016.12.05)
President Xi calls for efforts to make reforms more effective(2016.12.05)
China to make overseas Chinese federation more cohesive(2016.12.04)
CPC leadership adopts rules standardizing Party, state leaders' benefits(2016.11.30)
China commemorates 130th anniversary of veteran revolutionary Zhu De's birth(2016.11.30)
China releases guideline on protection of property rights(2016.11.27)
Senior official stresses strict CPC governance(2016.11.14)
Election of delegates fundamental to CPC national congress: CPC authority(2016.11.10)
China marks 150th anniversary of Sun Yat-sen's birth, stressing national integrity(2016.11.11)
China starts elections for CPC national congress(2016.11.09)
China to make supervision system more efficient(2016.11.07)
Xi spells out Party codes on stricter governance(2016.11.02)
CPC publicizes documents on intra-Party political life, supervision(2016.11.02)
CPC regulation pledges no exception in intra-Party supervision(2016.11.02)
CPC's new rules aim for stricter Party governance(2016.11.02)
President Xi calls for solid implementation of reform policies(2016.11.02)
CPC solicits opinions on intra-Party documents(2016.10.28)
China to keep proactive fiscal policy, prudent monetary policy(2016.10.28)
CPC Central Committee with Xi as "core" leads China to centenary goals(2016.10.28)
New regulation set to improve handling of petitions(2016.10.24)
China issues guidelines on implementing 13th 5-year plan(2016.10.23)
China stresses officials' poverty-relief responsibilities(2016.10.17)
Xi stresses implementation of reform measures(2016.10.11)
Xi stresses CPC leadership of state-owned enterprises(2016.10.11)
Xi stresses Internet innovation, security(2016.10.10)
Xi stresses significance of selected works of Hu Jintao(2016.09.29)
Xi calls for reforms on global governance(2016.09.28)
China commemorates former military leader Liu Huaqing(2016.09.28)
Top graft-buster orders inspectors to uncover the truth(2016.09.28)
CPC to convene plenum from Oct. 24 to 27(2016.09.27)
China to standardize police law enforcement(2016.09.27)
New rules to further tie down court order defaulters(2016.09.25)
China to make environmental management more efficient(2016.09.22)
China makes women's federation more inclusive(2016.09.21)
Xi demands solid efforts to advance planned reforms(2016.08.30)
China to exclude negligent officials from promotion(2016.08.29)
CPC top leadership adopts plan to build "Healthy China"(2016.08.26)
China to establish national eco-experimental zones(2016.08.22)
China to boost roles of social organizations(2016.08.21)
Xi calls for advancing Belt and Road Initiative(2016.08.18)
CPC requires better services for overseas-educated talent(2016.08.04)
CPC reforms Communist Youth League to promote vigor(2016.08.03)
China strives to protect judicial staff from interference, harm(2016.07.28)
Xi calls for further armed forces reform(2016.07.27)
CPC to hold key plenum in October, focus on Party management(2016.07.26)
President Xi calls for better supervision of reform efforts(2016.07.22)
China targets better integrated military, civilian development(2016.07.21)
China to hold Party officials accountable for poor leadership(2016.07.17)
Central authorities require study of CPC history(2016.07.10)
95 years on, Xi wants CPC motivated, confident, clean(2016.07.01)
Xi vows to protect internal Party environment from corruption(2016.06.29)
New rules to hold Party officials accountable for breach of duty(2016.06.28)
CPC leadership on reform: vested interests to be challenged(2016.06.27)
China to recruit lawyers, legal experts to draft bills(2016.06.26)
President Xi calls late forestry professor role model for CPC members(2016.06.13)
Education campaign to commemorate CPC anniversary(2016.06.12)
CPC planning new liability regulation(2016.06.08)
Xi sets targets for China's science, technology mastery(2016.06.03)
Xi underscores challenge, opportunity of aging population(2016.05.28)
Xi demands priority on advancing supply-side reform(2016.05.20)
China unveils three-step strategy for innovation-driven development(2016.05.20)
Xi underscores CPC's leadership in developing philosophy, social sciences(2016.05.18)
Xi urges local authorities to advance supply-side reform(2016.05.16)
Xi warns of Party "cabals and cliques"(2016.05.09)
President Xi vows mutual "Belt and Road" benefit(2016.04.30)
Xi asks officials to respect intellectuals' creativity, criticism(2016.04.29)
Xi urges sound economic development, noting downward pressure(2016.04.29)
China introduces poverty delisting policy, stressing transparency(2016.04.28)
President Xi calls for "people-centric" reform(2016.04.18)
Xi calls for effective self-discipline campaign, Marxist values(2016.04.06)
China to safeguard "ideological security" with law enforcement in cultural market(2016.04.04)
Xi urges implementation of new development concepts(2016.03.23)
Top authorities stress sound talent selection and management(2016.03.22)
CPC to drill members in self-discipline, socialist values(2016.02.28)
China's Xi urges implementation of reforms(2016.02.23)
Chinese leadership vows stable macro economic policies to sustain growth(2016.02.22)
China outlines roadmap to build better cities(2016.02.21)
Senior official stresses Party's leadership in publicity, culture work(2016.02.21)
Xi underscores CPC's leadership in news reporting(2016.02.19)
China issues guideline on government openness(2016.02.17)
Chinese leaders extend Spring Festival greetings(2016.02.06)
China to strengthen poverty relief in old revolutionary base areas(2016.02.01)
CPC publicizes violations of anti-graft code(2016.01.31)
Xi extends greetings to non-CPC parties, invites valuable advice(2016.01.30)
Xi urges grasp of China's strategic focuses(2016.01.30)
Xi urges sound planning for supply-side structural reform(2016.01.26)
China vows to keep high pressure on corruption(2016.01.14)
Xi urges confidence in overcoming corruption(2016.01.12)
Xi calls for advancing reforms in all sectors(2016.01.11)
CPC achieves self-improvement with Xi's leadership(2016.01.10)
Meeting stresses Party's leadership in national affairs(2016.01.07)
Xi urges production safety after "blood lessons"(2016.01.06)
China's streamlined inspection system targets central organs(2016.01.05)
CPC details role of local committees in governance(2016.01.05)
China stresses reform in revitalizing northeast industrial base(2015.12.30)
Xi calls for patriotism in achieving Chinese dream(2015.12.30)
Political bureau members should not feel superior: Xi(2015.12.29)
China targets agricultural supply-side reforms(2015.12.25)
China seeks to make cities better places to live in(2015.12.22)
Structural reforms stressed for steady growth in 2016(2015.12.21)
China to take further steps to address financial risks: key meeting(2015.12.21)
China pinpoints major economic tasks for 2016(2015.12.14)
CPC solicits opinions on economic work(2015.12.14)
CPC releases document to intensify political education(2015.12.13)
Xi demands Party schools' allegiance to CPC(2015.12.12)
CPC to consult more with other parties(2015.12.10)
Reform meeting tables healthcare, environmental, hukou proposals(2015.12.09)
China to establish full-coverage audit system by 2020(2015.12.08)
China releases blueprint on fighting poverty(2015.12.07)
CPC to target gov't organs, public institutions in discipline inspections(2015.12.06)
China pledges resolute measures to root out poverty by 2020(2015.11.28)
Xi urges breakthroughs in military structural reform(2015.11.26)
Xi stresses development of Marxist economic philosophy(2015.11.24)
China vows to win battle against poverty(2015.11.23)
CPC holds symposium to commemorate Hu Yaobang(2015.11.20)
Xi presses reform, innovation(2015.11.09)
Xi expounds on guideline for 13th Five-year Plan(2015.11.03)
China unveils proposals for formulating 13th five-year plan(2015.11.03)
China unveils detailed scheme to deepen rural reform(2015.11.02)
Chinese leaders, non-CPC elite discuss 13th Five-year Plan(2015.10.30)
China's new five-year plan covers home stretch to prosperity(2015.10.29)
Top disciplinary body exposes cases of irresponsibility in anti-graft issues(2015.10.27)
Liu Yunshan stresses official cultivation, selection(2015.10.23)
Separating Party discipline from law signals progress in CPC's administration(2015.10.22)
CPC's new clean governance rules focus on moral ethics(2015.10.21)
Official calls for "socialist benefits"-based literature and art(2015.10.20)
China unveils timetable for pricing reform(2015.10.15)
Xi's speech on the arts unveiled in full(2015.10.14)
Administrative organs urged to responde to public litigation(2015.10.13)
Xi stresses urgency of reforming global governance(2015.10.13)
Party rules must be stricter than law(2015.10.13)
China's Xi commends moral models(2015.10.13)
CPC schedules meeting on new 5-year plan(2015.10.12)
Martyrs' Day marked across China(2015.09.30)
Xi celebrates National Day with ethnic minority representatives(2015.09.30)
Yu Zhengsheng visits Kyrgyz autonomous prefecture in Xinjiang(2015.09.28)
Yu Zhengsheng calls for unity in Xinjiang(2015.09.27)
China publishes regulation on CPC's united front work(2015.09.23)
Commemoration shows world China's contribution to WWII victory: Xi(2015.09.16)
President Xi urges to open economy wider to world(2015.09.15)
China issues guideline to deepen SOE reforms(2015.09.13)
CPC leadership: Carry forward Chinese values through art(2015.09.11)
CPC approves reform plan for ecological progress(2015.09.11)
Top political advisor highlights unity, stability in Tibet(2015.09.10)
Senior executive of Baosteel sacked for breaking frugality rules(2015.09.09)
CPC leadership only way for Tibet's autonomy: central authorities(2015.09.08)
Central gov't officials in Tibet for 50th anniversary of autonomy(2015.09.07)
Xi urges promoting economic, social development in Tibet(2015.08.25)
Chinese leaders urge professional Tianjin response(2015.08.20)
Xi urges accurate implementation of reform, realistic targets(2015.08.18)
Senior leader urges honest implementation of revised inspection rules(2015.08.17)
CPC expands scope of discipline inspections(2015.08.13)
Senior CPC official calls for innovation-driven development(2015.08.06)
Senior leader urges long-term perspective in revising discipline code(2015.08.03)
China top leadership pledges more targeted policies to support growth(2015.07.31)
China's economic operation good in general: Xi(2015.07.31)
Former military leader Guo Boxiong expelled from CPC(2015.07.31)
CPC issues new rule on official demotion(2015.07.29)
CPC urges officials to learn from "negative examples" in anti-graft campaign(2015.07.27)
CPC to hold key plenum in October, discuss 13th five-year development plan(2015.07.20)
Ling Jihua arrested, expelled from CPC(2015.07.20)
Xi stresses revival of NE China heavy industry hub(2015.07.19)
CPC officials urged to meet Xi's requirement on conduct(2015.07.13)
Senior leader urges promoting education campaign for CPC officials(2015.07.11)
Xi stresses peace on visit of war exhibition(2015.07.07)
President Xi calls for better role of "mass organizations"(2015.07.07)
Xinhua Insight: Xi praises survey workers, urges devotion from CPC members(2015.07.01)
China to establish stricter supervision system for environmental protection(2015.07.01)
Xinhua Insight: Xi stresses CPC governance at county level(2015.06.30)
China Focus: CPC has 87.79 mln members: authority(2015.06.29)
Top leadership studies anticorruption ahead of CPC anniversary(2015.06.27)
China Focus: New regulation promises punishment for official incompetence(2015.06.26)
President Xi demands efforts to ensure public safety(2015.05.30)
New CPC regulation stresses role of leading Party members' groups(2015.05.29)
Xi urges solidarity for national rejuvenation(2015.05.20)
Chinese peasants should share fruits of development: Xi(2015.05.01)
Q1 growth within expectations, new impetus emerging: Leadership(2015.04.30)
Xi stresses raising public confidence in judicial system(2015.03.25)
Chinese leaders push for "greenization"(2015.03.24)
China plans quality growth, anti-graft drive in 2015(2015.02.12)
Xi celebrates Spring Festival with non-Communist figures(2015.02.12)
China to speed up agri modernization through reforms, innovations(2015.02.01)
Xi stresses adherence to dialectical materialism(2015.01.24)
China's leadership warns of unprecedented national security risks(2015.01.23)
Xi calls for "strong remedies" to cure corruption(2015.01.13)